Most sold printer of HP:

It’s the time of 2008 when HP announced that more than 240 million customer around the world were using HP Deskjet branded printer. HP Deskjet printer still continues to outsell all other inkjet printers in today’s market. Although it is noted that with two decades Deskjet printers had lot of upgrades based on the need and advancement in technology.

HP Deskjet printer launched in February 1988 is the world’s first single sheet desktop printer. Its reliable average speed was of 2 pages per minute. Well with two decades lot has changed. Today HP Deskjet printers has transformed into a lightweight, high-speed with wireless connectivity for quick and easy setup of intuitive software and hardware. Which is Ideal for everyday use of printing document and photos with speed of 36 pages per minute.

Overall these two decades HP printer service focused on simplifying the printing or to overall say the technology experiences for all its customers. What has never changed is the moto to give customer a delightful experience of simplicity with technology.

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